By subscribing to LAAS, you immediately will be part of an ecosystem aimed at the development of entrepreneurship  in an important geographical region which commonly shares the need of increasing economic value generation through the integration of ideas, interests and knowledge for the creation of innovative businesses.

In this sense, besides the opportunity to submit projects to an expanded network of qualified angel investors (able and willing to support projects, in all its dimensions, to make them a viable and important), LAAS provides access to fundamental knowledge about how to increase your chances of success as an entrepreneur through:

  • Lectures
  • Training
  • Discussion forums
  • Networking
  • Specific technical content (Management, Marketing, Finance, Administration, Innovation, etc.)

In addition, LAAS allows, through a specific tool, the possibility of identifying your profile as an entrepreneur and through a qualified group of coaches and mentors LAAS enables the development of your individual skills by aligning them with best practices related to the viability and success of startups.