Startups are a deal just for the young people? The Italian experience.

Date: 23/03

Having 95 years and talk about the future can be. It does Golinelli Marino, entrepreneur and founder of the pharmaceutical company Sigma Alpha, that as a philanthropist offers free training to young people who aspire to create businesses. If Golinelli is a unique figure, not a few are senior entrepreneurs who, out of necessity or desire for change, they decide to take action on their professional experience through a startup. Here are the data of the phenomenon. A survey of 2015 conducted by Italia Startup showed the typical profile of Italian startupper : 66% are aged between 30 and 49 where, however, those over 50 are 14.4% and those over 60, are 3.8 %.

The numbers tell us that the new entrepreneur, when creating a new company, it has often been engaged for a period in another activity. Other studies of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, quoted by the Observatory Senior, reported that in the 55-64 age group are concentrated about 14% of the new enterprises. According to data of Unioncamere, then, 44.2% of those who have started a new company has between 36 to 50 years, 37% from 18 to 35, 18.8% more than 55. Alberto Carpaneto, Director the foundation Human +, the interesting fact is just what the seniors: "These gentlemen testify that there is an ideal age for doing business, and if there is, is not that of the twenties. Entrepreneurs "door" are very often employees, managers or executives who import their know-how in new startups (19% of managers who loses the job finds a job as owner / shareholder of a company - as Manageritalia ).

The senior startupper are also university professors who draw from years of research to create new products, people from the green mentality, or who have a specific interest in ICT can transform this passion into a business, or those who come from in the not profit. " All of these profiles have one thing in common: the ability to create work teams mixed skills and age. Typically startups created by senior make use of the contribution of technical and scientific innovative young professionals. It is precisely in such heterogeneous team that angel investors are interested, as Giancarlo Rocchietti, chairman of the Investors Club: "An example of successful startups we fund is Directa Plus, a pioneer in the graphene, founded by Julius Cesareo, class '55. Engineer with 30 years of experience in Como was surrounded by a staff of young people to create a startup that is now a feat. " Despite the areas that are receiving funding of ICT investors are 40%, services 15% and trade 10%, and the age of startupper on which invests not go over 55, there seems to be room for development of a Silver Valley. To say this, Paul Anselmo, president of Iban (Italian Business Angel Network): "Investors have until now believed little segment non-profit, health, welfare, care of the elderly, as it believes it is not scalable and generate few revenues, although it could have interesting growth margins. Instead we nourish doubts towards sixties startuppers . Will they engage with the same enthusiasm for another 5 to 7 years to the development of the proposals and what pace? ". The market is there, as well as training. Manageritalia proposes to former managers several bids for the rehabilitation and for the development of start-ups, and for the non-profit and volunteer support to startups.