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LAAS (Latin America Angels Society) is an organization of promotion of entrepreneurship and Angel capital in Latin America.  Becoming a member of LAAS as an angel investor, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Have access to quality projects, from Brazil and other Latin America countries prated in accordance with LAAS proprietary methodology in business sectors of your interest.
  • Participate in a network of highly qualified investors to exchange experiences and knowledge.
  • Participate in forums to evaluate prerated opportunities.
  • Access to information, networking and activities related to the entrepreneurship ecosystem.
  • Better rates granted on lectures, events and training developed by LAAS and/or its partners.
  • Possibility of becoming a mentor in the project portfolio.


The effective participation of an angel investor as a member of LAAS is characterized by the need for sufficiency and adequacy to the following conditions:

  • Financial Availability
  • Availability of adequate skills, business know-how and time availability and dedication to projects and opportunities
  • Qualified Networking
  • Business and Personal References

Your interest should be submitted with all information concerning these requirements through specific questionnaire which can be found on this page for a possible interview with the Board of LAAS.

The membership as a member of the LAAS implies in effective participation in a select group of highly qualified investors with access to a large array of opportunities.

The membership and participation of qualified members in the offered benefits by LAAS matters in a monthly fee of R$ 100.00.

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