Understand Better

LAAS is an international angel's investor network, operating in the fields of entrepreneurship and Angel Capital in Latin America.

LAAS wants to become the quality benchmark about managing, developing and inspiring professionals from all areas in the field of entrepreneurship. LAAS offers qualified contents, on different platforms, on the themes that permeate the day-to-day new businesses activities, inspiring ideas and providing a unique experience for knowledge development.

We provide events, books, magazines, executive education, customized solutions and an universe of information to support Latin America executives in their decision-making, expanding boundaries and revealing new opportunities.

One of LAAS' core activities is to anticipate trends, transforming learning into action. More than providing ready-made recipes or formulas for success, LAAS role - translated into its activities - is to inspire professionals in search of innovative solutions and tools that can be turned into reality for their business and their careers.


During this year the following programs are offered:

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