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LAAS is primarily engaged in associating interests and people to make new business development, solid and profitable as possible, structuring, operating and managing the ecosystem of entrepreneurship in Latin America.

If you are interested in entrepreneurship come to be part of this dynamic ecosystem; create relationships with entrepreneurs, with investors, with partners join LAAS and take advantage of ideas, knowledge, contacts and business opportunities that arise every day. This is particularly important if you have plans to start a new business and need to understand what is  required to bring your ideas to life in terms of actual  initiatives to turn them into a solid business proposition. The same applies to those who have plans to invest in startups and  need to understand how to contribute with capital, expertise, experience and networking. Also LAAS welcomes those who can support  the entrepreneurial ecosystem contributing with knowledge through lecturing, training, event participation and sponsorship to boost the potential of new businesses . Participate in this community and be an active member of this ecosystem that is a key element to drive the world economy