What is the stage of your initiative / Startup?


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LAAS is primarily engaged in associating interests and people to make new business development as solid and profitable as possible.

If you are interested in starting a new business, your intentions have to be translated in an articulated business concept, backed by a formal project, reflected in implementable plans and actions. Once that is done, the compounded result should be merit of an objective evaluation so as that it can generate the expected benefits to become an ongoing business and an established company.

The necessary amount of resources for the early stages of any project in the light of the inherent risks of any new venture, has as its fundamental premises the likelihood of significant return on the financial contribution required. In the case of angel investors, in addition to the financial contribution, the investment in any new business also takes the form of availability of know-how, networking and business advice. These latter aspects are vital to expand  the prospects of a successful initiative.

Therefore all the required steps (from idea to the business operation) need to be structured so as that the association of your entrepreneurial enthusiasm has to match the interest of a potential angel investor. Your belief in the success of your project to encourage investments - both in money as in knowledge support - requires key information to validate basic conditions for investing.

The analysis of an Angel investor to awaken his/hers interest and turn it into investment, relies in meeting the following requirements:

  • Details of your project actuality, specifically determining the potential attractiveness of its value proposition to a specific customer base (issues which will be resolved and benefits generated so as they someone will pay for);
  • Your vision and commercial reach (market knowledge - dynamics/trends, buyers/customers knowledge and sector knowledge/network to turn products/services in benefits and those into sizable sales);
  • The stage of development of the project;
  • Your profile as an entrepreneur (intentions, personal dedication to the business, disposition and availability of own financial investment);
  • Your characteristics of leadership (assembling a team and driving people to a common goal, in spite of a number of restrictions and difficulties);
  • Your managerial skills (definition of what must be done to conduct business on a day-to-day basis and what are the standards of performance required);
  • Your technical skills and knowledge (enabling the feasibility of production and capacity to deliver products and services, within required parameters of cost, quality and speed);
  • Your knowledge of finance and administration (determining how financial resources will the generated and applied for the business growth as well as the knowhow and control of the usage of necessary assets for the business).

The knowledge of these conditions shall establish the potential of immediate interest to your project by a qualified angel investor. This knowledge is not only based on facts and figures and is also developed through personal relationship, empathy and sharing of interests between entrepreneurs and investors.
Our role is to promote an structured approach to enhance potential of new businesses, stemming from on our know-how and experience to merge and harmonize all the factors that enable successful conditions as per the above described factors.

Thus, from an entrepreneur point-of-view, we provide the qualification of new business initiatives through a prior analysis of ideas/projects and provide support to close the gaps that limit investors' attraction. From the perspective of an angel investor, we add value to their search for qualified new investment opportunities through LAAS proprietary methodology that assesses the stage of development and potential for transformation of ideas/projects in viable business propositions.

Having been removed the essential limitations, business initiatives with immediate potential of realization are recommended to a qualified network of angel investors for final evaluation and investment decision. Projects considered potentially viable, but still in early stages of development, may be referred to entities associated with LAAS to give them robustness and lead them to a higher level of maturity and readiness for future investment consideration.

Sign up to submit your project. It will be subject to analysis by LAAS - via its proprietary methodology - which takes into account all the factors required for determining the stage of development, attractiveness and potential viability. As a result LAAS will return to you with a position and recommendation as to what should the next steps be to make your initiative merit of our angel community interest.